PharmaSGP based in Gräfelfing near Munich, is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Europe. We were recently honored by a distinguished jury of experts in the field as the best OTC pharmaceutical company of 2015. In addition, we were awarded a quality seal with the rating “very good” for our outstanding product portfolio and our large number of satisfied customers. Our company has experienced unbroken and constant growth: Over 30 approvals for medicinal products, a full product pipeline, the expansion of activities abroad, and a constantly growing team of young, motivated talent promote and confirm our success.


Our outstanding medicines for a diverse range of indications form the basis of our growth. It goes without saying that we always maintain the highest quality standards. More than 10 million people have now come to place their trust in the products of PharmaSGP. Our top brands include the products Rubax, Kijimea IBS, Revoten, and many other medicines.


As a result of our company’s flat hierarchies, our work is characterized by a high level of flexibility and speed in decision-making processes. This enables us to rapidly respond to the latest needs and continuously set our own momentum – both of which are decisive factors for our competitiveness in Germany and around the world! We also set ourselves apart by another quality: We don’t just think from an entrepreneurial point of view, we also act in an entrepreneurial manner. And to us this means constantly reinventing ourselves, allowing room for innovative ideas, and having the courage to implement them.



A strong customer focus combined with our high quality standards make us who we are. We place a particular focus on innovation, creativity, and our unconventional approach. If we fail to make progress using standard methods, we have the courage to leave the beaten path and try more innovative solutions, true to the motto: Success requires more than words. This guiding principle has been firmly anchored in our corporate culture since the company’s foundation.