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03 November 2015


Breaking News: Pharmaceutical company introduces natural painkiller to the market with an ingredient as effective as chemical painkillers

Rubax MONO

Munich, November 3, 2015. Approximately 90 percent of all Germans suffer from back or joint pain. There is good news for them: A pharmaceutical company is introducing a painkiller to the market, which was specifically developed for back and joint pain (Rubax MONO). Its ingredient is as effective as chemical painkillers but purely natural and very well tolerated.

People with back or joint pain have mostly had to resort to chemical painkillers. And that can be problematic, because they must take into account the risk of severe side effects such as stomach ulcers and heart problems. Luckily, this could now all be in the past: a Munich pharmaceutical company is currently introducing a natural painkiller to the market that was especially developed for musculoskeletal pain. According to studies, it contains an ingredient that is as effective as chemical painkillers but very well tolerated! The typical side effects of chemical painkillers such as stomach ulcers or heart disease are not known to occur with this natural painkiller, and there are no known interactions with other medications. This natural painkiller is called Rubax MONO and will be available as of 1st November in all pharmacies across Germany.

What is so special about this new painkiller? Rubax MONO contains a special natural ingredient, which has been known for centuries to have a strong effect against back and joint pain. With Rubax MONO, this natural ingredient of Trituration D6 has been made available in tablet form. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and its efficacy is comparable to chemical painkillers. At the same time, Rubax MONO is well tolerated. It is therefore also suitable for longer-term use and can be combined with other medications. Rubax MONO is available without prescription.

For more information, visit www.rubax.de

Patil, et al.: Modulation of arthritis in rats by Toxicodendron pubescens and its homeopathic dilutions. Homeopathy. 2011 Jul; 100(3):131-7.

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14 September 2015


Breaking news: Pharmaceutical company launches over-the-counter product for erectile dysfunction


Munich, September 14, 2015. Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction affect more men than you may think. Approximately 6 million men have issues with their sexual potency, and most of these men are in the prime of their lives. What they long for is an effective remedy.
Up until now, prescription medicines exclusively held the promise of relief – often, however, in combination with undesired consequences. With many prescription medicines, the potential effectiveness comes at a price: Many so-called “impotence drugs” elicit severe side effects, such as heart problems or visual disturbances. Also, taking these drugs prior to sexual activity always has to be timed correctly. Now, however, a new product has arrived that frees men from having to put up with such pitfalls.

Neradin’s unique active ingredient is found in the therapeutically effective trituration D4. While this ingredient is able to combat erectile dysfunction effectively, it is also very well tolerated. The medication’s efficacy and safety have been tested and verified. As Neradin can be bought over the counter, it also spares men the embarrassing visit to the physician. No side effects are known. Furthermore, taking Neradin does not require specific timing, because the goal of Neradin treatment is to achieve a long-lasting effect that is not time-restricted. Therefore, having sex does not depend on when the medication is taken.

For more information on Neradin, please visit: www.neradin.de

31 March 2015


Revoten utilises a unique dual complex of active ingredients in tablet form


Munich, March 31, 2015. Almost 90 percent of women suffer from typical examples of weak connective tissue such as loose, wrinkled skin or even cellulite. Yet, there is an approved product available in German pharmacies that fights weak connective tissue from within by utilizing its unique dual complex of active ingredients: Revoten (an over-the-counter product).

Connective tissue weakening – a natural process
Our connective tissue primarily consists of collagen fibers. These support the skin and thus keep it smooth and firm. However, the proportion of collagen in the body reduces with age. As a result, the collagen fibers crack and become porous and the connective tissue wears out. The consequence: Connective tissue weakness becomes visible in a number of different ways: the skin becomes slack, wrinkled, or forms dimples (cellulite).

The natural medicine Revoten works from within
Creams or oils usually only have temporary effects but do not resolve the cause of the problem. In contrast, the approved medicine Revoten contains a unique dual complex of the active medicinal substances acidum silicicum and calcium carbonicum. These two natural substances in the special D4 trituration are made available in tablet form. This enables Revoten to act in a targeted way from within. The result: Weak connective tissue can be effectively combated and the external signs can be reduced.

No known side effects or interactions
Weak connective tissue can be strengthened again by taking just 1 tablet of Revoten 3 times a day. And Revoten has no known side effects or interactions. It is recommended that the product be used over a longer period of time to achieve optimal results. Revoten is available in the following packet sizes: 10-day packets, each containing 30 tablets (PZN 10786177), and 30-day packets, each containing 90 tablets (PZN 10786183).

Further information is available online at www.revoten.de